In-Home ABA Therapy

At Behavioral Momentum, we believe that all our clients deserve individualized attention.  That’s why a Board Certified Behavior Analyst goes to each client’s home to complete an individualized assessment.  Based on the assessment and consultation with the family, the BCBA will create an individualized treatment program.  Our treatment plans focus on a few main areas:  Increasing expressive and receptive language, decreasing maladaptive behaviors, increasing independence with activities of daily living, increasing social skills, and family training.  

IEP Consultation

Behavioral Momentum believes that consistency is an important element of ABA services.  That is why we provide school consultation services for our clients and other community members.  Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will review IEPs and attend IEP meetings in order to best streamline services.  Our goal is to have family, in-home clinicians, and school services on the same page in order to help our clients reach their utmost potential.

Social Skills

At Behavioral Momentum, we know that forming friendships can be a difficult skill for some of our clients.  That is why we offer social skills groups for a variety of age groups and skill levels.  Our social skills groups are a safe and supportive environment where kids and adolescents can feel free to be themselves!  We use fun games and activities to help teach our clients important social skills to help them feel comfortable with forming new friendships!

Behavioral Beginnings

Behavioral Beginnings is a half-day preschool program which embraces children of all abilities. We use the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Evidence Based Practices to help children flourish.  Behavioral Beginnings focuses on communication skills, social skills, and school readiness.  We believe that partnering children with and without disabilities in a structured learning environment helps foster compassion, understanding, and kindness.

At Behavioral Beginnings, we take a comprehensive approach to education.   We follow Dr. Greg Hanley’s Preschool Life Skills (PSL) Program, Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, and the Verbal Behavior Approach to ensure your child receives a wellrounded education.  Each month, children will use a fun theme to explore new social, emotional, and communication goals.  Each child’s progress will be tracked use daily data collection, and parents will receive a daily communication log outlining the day’s activities. 

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